Well the time has come for me to figure this out or give it up.

In Memory of Bobby

Which do u think it will be? I have never had my ass kicked by a computer before but hey new shit happens everyday. 

I started my supposed summer at the end of May but really havent had much of a summer as I have squandered it or spent it trying to unload the ton of crap that seems to keep surfacing in this shell we call a home. Never knew how easy living a simple life was until one was forced upon me. Now I know and miss it. Soon it will be so simple it makes me wonder if it will drive the other half of my brain insane. I think it is still the one holding it together.  Well I will leave it at that for now as I am sure you were told that we were given the best anniversary present on this earth and his name is …… I will just put Alex for short. 

I will be posting more as soon as I figure it out on my xoom (which I love by the way). 

Peace Out,


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Whats going on?

New to this whole thing so maybe as soon as I figure it out I will be able to put something worth while on here.  As for now I will let it sit idley on pause.  Peace out.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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